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How OCD causes Depression

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One of the most common outcomes of OCD is depression. It is this depression that slowly takes over a person’s life and cripples them from the inside. Let’s understand in detail the entire process of how OCD leads to depression.

We have understood in previous videos that OCD increases with time. During the initial phases of OCD, a person might not get any symptoms of depression. Some minor OCD’s too, can be easily ignored or even laughed upon if they are not intrusive. However, when OCD begins to increase, it brings along with it a lot of negative thoughts.

These negative thoughts start as once or twice in a day to later consuming 4-5 hours in a single day. At the peak or extreme level of OCD, these negative thoughts consume a person entirely throughout the day and even night. This continuous bombardment of negativity does not allow a person also to get a good night’s sleep, which further increases irritability and anxiousness. It begins to affect their diet, which either becomes too little or too much.

Over time this creates major fears and insecurities, resulting in low confidence. Due to this low confidence, they are unable to start anything new and even begin to avoid doing their daily activities. They always worry about failures that may come their way. One starts thinking that they can’t even share their problem with anyone or explain what they are going through. They fear that people might call them crazy or even laugh at them due to this problem.

All this negatively starts affecting the core of a person, which is their hope. Deep down, they begin to believe that they are going to be in this miserable condition for the rest of their life. They find it hard to find their purpose and start to think that they can never be happy again. When these negative thoughts keep attacking the person for weeks, months, and even years, they start becoming their core belief.

They say that if you repeat a lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth. Similarly, all these negative thoughts start becoming a reality of a person as they firmly begin to believe these painful negative and painful thoughts.

All this leads them to think that they cannot do anything positive in their life, and when hope goes down to zero, it makes them reach a point of depression. When OCD reaches severe to extreme levels, it keeps a person in a permanent state of depression, resulting in them losing their will to live. Self-harm, suicidal thoughts or even thoughts of running away from everything is very common.

This is how OCD leads to depression, so it is essential to overcome your OCD before it reaches this point. Even if you are already at this point, do not worry or panic. Keep your hopes high and begin our breathing exercises.

Do not worry, even if you are at an extreme level. You will begin to recover and see results quickly.  All it requires is your sincere effort.

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