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The Effects of Marijuana On OCD (Weed, Cannabis)

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Marijuana is no longer considered a hard drug and is now legal in many countries around the world. In today’s society, marijuana is no longer considered taboo, and people consume it thinking it’s only a natural plant.

People believe that it cannot have any significant side effects on the body. That certainly may be true to an extent, but we have to remember that anything in excess is never good for us.

In this case, putting a natural tag to marijuana will not take away its adverse effects if the intake increases beyond what is considered reasonable and recreational.

Consuming marijuana once or twice a month for relaxation may not have any ill effects as one does feel good and gets peace of mind. However, an OCD patient may think that they have finally found the medicine to their problem. Marijuana gives relief and also is entirely natural, so why not consume it more would be a logical thought process.

With this logic, one begins to consume marijuana daily. This later increases to twice, thrice, or even more times in a day, and your dependency on marijuana gradually increases.

We have to understand that at the end of the day, marijuana is an intoxicant, and it works as a mood enhancer. If you are happy, it will make you more joyful, and if you are sad, it makes you more depressed. It will merely amplify your state of mind.

You must have noticed that every individual reacts to marijuana in their way.

It is essential to know that the state of a person suffering from OCD is continuously in an anxious state. If marijuana is consumed in this state, it might contribute to amplifying anxiety and fears. Many people have reported experiencing paranoia that results in major panic attacks after the consumption of marijuana.

This state of mind might not be valid for everyone who has OCD, and there are good chances that you might or may not experience this.

However, our recommendation would be not to risk it until the duration of this course. If you cannot avoid it, consider reducing its intake for some months, keeping the following things in mind.

A) Do not consume it alone or at your own home

B) Consume it only with a friend whose company you enjoy

These types of episodes have been reported even by people who have no mental illnesses, so you must exercise caution.


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